More than 50 years of experience and a philosophy towards quality, innovation and healthy food have consolidated Agrucapers as the leading company in the production and marketing of capers, pickles and a wide variety of specialties worldwide.


Tarımsal Gıda was established on an area of 38,000 square meters, 30 km from İzmir port, which is the main export gate of the Aegean region. Our factory has a production capacity of 18,000 jars per hour in a closed area of 6500 square meters.


The company is engaged in the production and trade of onion, garlic, pepper, cucumber and olive varieties, primarily capers and caper melons, which are used in pizza and ready-to-eat foods in Europe and the USA.


Owning 25% of the world caper market, the company exports nearly 6 million kilograms of products to many countries, especially to the USA, European countries and Australia every year.



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Parent Company Name : Agrucapers
Web Site :
Location: Kemalpaşa-İzmir

Origin Country : Spain
Year : 1991
Sector : Agrifood
Clusters : Agrifood