Japanese Yanmar will Make İzmir its Export Base by Growing in Energy Sector

Japanese Yanmar will Make İzmir its Export Base by Growing in Energy Sector

Japanese Company Yanmar, which is one of the world’s leading producers of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment, energy systems, sea and industrial engines; aims to make Turkey its production and export base also by growing in the energy sector with its production facilities in İzmir.

Starting its Turkey operations in İzmir in 2016, Yanmar began to offer its agriculture and energy sector products to the Turkey market. Just after, Yanmar established a facility for the production of Solis brand tractors in İzmir in partnership with the Indian ITL company and last year bought all the shares of this facility. Yanmar, which plans to increase the localization rate of the tractors it produces in Izmir above 51 percent, has also started to export agricultural equipment purchased from domestic manufacturers to Japan and Thailand.

Expressing that interest in agriculture has increased due to the pandemic and that this situation is also reflected in their business, Yanmar Turkey Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Kemal Erdogan Shoshi said, “We increased our production by 300 percent in 2020 compared to 2019. This year, we aim to double our production capacity. We will have investments to develop the assembly line in the factory. But we will make the main investment in the supply chain. Currently, all parts of tractors come from abroad. We aim to reach the level of 51 percent indigenousness by 2023. We will carry out joint R&D projects with our suppliers on this issue ”.

Shoshi stated that they will also grow in the energy sector as Yanmar Turkey and said, “In the energy business, Africa and Central Asia regions are under our responsibility as Turkey office. We received an order from South Africa for this year. We will export our products and services from İzmir to these regions. We will export also to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Malaysia in 2021.”

Source: https://www.dunya.com/sehirler/japon-yanmar-turkiyeyi-ihracat-ussu-yapacak-haberi-609017