Turkish engineers who have previously worked in different companies aim to produce wind plant equipment in İzmir which has not been produced in Türkiye with their company Trio Composites, contributing both to the domestic market and to export.

Engineers began production at their factory with a closed area of 700 square meters in Bornova, İzmir. Trio Composites will both create prototypes and conduct the serial production of composite products the wind industry needs that are not produced in Türkiye.

Stating that they were one of two companies manufacturing for the wind sector as a sub-supplier in the composite field in İzmir, Trio Composites Managing Partner Martı Yıldırım added “30.000 pieces of composite flanges were exported to Mexico, China and Denmark through projects we conducted last year in the Wind sector. As of last year, we have exported about 15.000 pieces to Mexico. This year, the number will be around 25.000”.

Voicing their aim to expand their presence even further in the energy sector, Yıldırım stated:

“We are not interested in the parts that are already being produced in Türkiye. We want to support the energy industry with newly designed parts. We aim to produce auxiliary or intermediate elements that are needed for wind turbines. For example, the part, called the muffler on the wing, has no manufacturer in Türkiye. We are currently in the process of producing two different prototypes. We will build the prototypes this week and then proceed to mass production after the trial. We are in contact with the main manufacturers. We want to serve globally with the materials we produce or have the potential to produce. As a sub-supplier, we aim for a market share of 20 percent over the next 5 years.”

“Turkish engineers are building their own initiatives today”

İzmir Development Agency (İZKA) Secretary-General Mehmet Yavuz also stated that İzmir is no longer just a city attracting investment, but a city capable of raising its own investors.

Underlining that the Turkish engineers who worked in international companies before later go on to establishing their own initiatives today, Yavuz added, “the investments of Foreign capital companies continue, and some more are ready to invest in the upcoming period. Many domestic companies are also expanding their investments, increasing their production capacity, and establishing partnerships with foreign capital companies. Thanks to these investments, all the main components of the wind turbines can now be produced in İzmir,” he said.

Stating that they are proud of seeing successful examples of “know-how” transfers in the wind sector in İzmir, Yavuz added “As İZKA, we are always here to support entrepreneurs and investors. Accordingly, our Investment Support Office continues to offer free public investment consultancy services to all investors planning investments in Izmir or looking to expand their investments”.

Source: AA