Wind Turbine Equipment Export from İzmir to China by SAYAS-RE

Wind Turbine Equipment Export from İzmir to China by SAYAS-RE

The clean energy transition is becoming more and more important for the sustainability of the world, and both public and private sector investments in this field are increasing. In accordance with these trends, the Wind Energy Equipment Production sector in İzmir is developing every day. The latest success of the sector companies in İzmir is establishing export links to China where Turkey gives a considerably high foreign trade deficit. SAYAS-RE from İzmir will start exporting wind turbine tower interior parts to China, after South Korea.

SAYAS-RE, a company being traded on Borsa Istanbul, is a leading supplier in the fields of components for the wind energy industry and indoor and outdoor advertising products and continues its manufacturing activities in İzmir Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone.

SAYAS-RE, which started to work with corporate identity projects and outdoor advertisingindustrial signage in 1989, has taken advantage of the opportunities in the renewable energy sector over the years and has been included in the high value-added chain of this sector. This visionary approach is crowned by the firm’s approval as a manufacturer by Titan Wind Energy, the largest wind tower manufacturer in the People’s Republic of China. With this approval, the company made an export connection of 1.5 million Euros for the internal parts of 12 wind turbine towers as a first step. SAYAS-RE, which started to gain an important place in the sector, had also made export to South Korea in the past weeks.

Turkey, focusing on potential products to increase its exports to China, conducting studies aimed to increase its market share in these products. It is evaluated that clean energy equipment can hold an important place in these studies.