Turkey’s Wind Energy Grade is Boosted by the Investments in İzmir and Surroundings

Turkey’s Wind Energy Grade is Boosted by the Investments in İzmir and Surroundings

As of 2019, 3285 wind turbines were planted in Turkey in 198 different wind farms, adding an extra 8056 MW to the total installed capacity. In the same period comparing the operating wind power plants by provinces in Turkey, İzmir ranked first with 1,54 GW; followed by neighboring provinces Balıkesir (1,16 GW) and Manisa (0,68 GW).​

Wind energy became part of the global electrical power production for countries after the oil shock in the 1970s which led to the search for alternative energy resources.  As of today, the global installed capacity of wind power reached 651 GW, getting a share of %6 of global electricity production. At the end of the previous year, the total amount of investments in wind energy technologies reached $ 99 billion.​

According to data of the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA), the energy sector became the 3rd among the fastest-growing industries over the last decade in Turkey. According to TWEAit’s possible to raise the capacity up to 100 GW which the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources foresee as 48 GW, thanks to the technological improvements in wind energy production. Besides the efforts to increase the installed capacity, Turkey has 3 anchorage, 8 wind tower, 2 generator and 2 gearbox local manufacturing plants by speeding up the work put into production. Manufacturers contribute to the local market as well as exporting their products. Also, Turkey’s first and only turbine factory will be opened by the end of this year in İzmir.​

TWEA Turkey Wind Energy Plant Atlas, showing the wind power plants in and around İzmir can be seen from here

Source: AA