Singapore Based Sports Technologies Company Rapsodo is Expanding in İzmir

Singapore Based Sports Technologies Company Rapsodo is Expanding in İzmir

İzmir is a center of attraction for global software companies now. Singapore-based company Rapsodo, which develops software and sport technologies for golf, baseball and basketball sports, is expanding its R&D office located in Teknopark Izmir. The company, which exports all of its technologies, will realize a 120 percent increase in employment in

2021. Drawing attention to Rapsodo’s steady growth in the USA, Singapore, Japan, and Turkey with its multinational human-resource profile and new generation management mentality, founder and CEO of Rapsodo Batuhan Okur states that Turkey is a very important and very strategic location for Rapsodo. Telling that they will increase the number of employees to 100 next year, Okur called for Turkish software developers who have the technological genius and who will keep up with the growth rate of the company in the USA; saying “Come, let Rapsodo be your career step to the World”.

Pointing out that Rapsodo has different teams in Turkey which consist of software engineers in diversified fields like mobile, cloud technologies, computer vision and deep learning, Batuhan Okur, added:” Rapsodo was established in Singapore in 2011 by Turkish entrepreneurs and now it’s a globally known company with its software and sport technologies developed especially for golf, baseball, and basketball. Rapsodo is a remarkable global company now, with its multinational human resources and new generation management approach. We have offices in the USA, Singapore, Japan, and Turkey. After our investments in Singapore and the USA, we began operations in Turkey in mid-2018. We are currently 45 people in our Technopark İzmir office.

Stating that Rapsodo serves on a global scale from the R & D center in Turkey, Okur said they export all of their technologies to the USA and Rapsodo attracts attention as a fast-growing and the best-selling brand in the US MLM (Mobile Launch Monitor) market.

Expressing that Rapsodo produces products with high technology, easy to carry, easy to use, data-driven, Batuhan Okur explained that among the company’s rapid growth targets, in addition to the sports branches they currently serve, it is to enter different sports branches as well. Noting that they operate within the vision of helping all athletes, professional and amateur, reach their full potential, with the software and sports technologies they have developed, Okur also stated that they aim to empower athletes and trainers to analyze and improve their games.