Netherlands Based Software Company Amatis Expands in İzmir

Netherlands Based Software Company Amatis Expands in İzmir

While information and communication technologies develop rapidly around the globe, new software investments are also being made in İzmir. Netherlands based company Amatis Development B.V. expands in İzmir with its new investment in health technologies.

Experienced in financial software solutions, web and mobile applications, an innovative technology company Amatis Development B.V. was established in 2001 in the Netherlands. Being the first and only software development office of the company outside the Netherlands, İzmir office began to operate in 2017. Developing high standard solutions for its customers’ requirements in different countries with international project management methodologies, Amatis plans to expand in İzmir in health technologies.

By cooperating with global healthcare technology companies, Amatis develops healthcare software. The company develops projects on an international scale for analyzing medical outputs like MR, CT and EKG. Their new product ‘Fysiologic’ is an embedded system that processes the patient’s heart rhythms and sends the output online for the doctor’s diagnosis.

Emphasizing the workforce potential of İzmir, Fatih Erdemir the Managing Director of Amatis states that their goal is to offer the best solutions for their customers by opening an R&D center benefiting from İzmir’s qualified and dynamic workforce potential.

By signing a protocol with İzmir Bakırçay University Data Analytics and Spatial Data Modeling Research Center (VAM), Amatis also carry out university-industry collaboration projects on health data analysis.