LM Wind Power, the Leading Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturer, is Expanding in İzmir

LM Wind Power, the Leading Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturer, is Expanding in İzmir

LM Wind Power within GE Renewable Energy, which started operating in İzmir Bergama Industrial Zone in 2017, is getting ready to complete their 30 Million Dollar additional investment by the end of 2019.

LM Wind Power, one of the leading institutions in wind turbine blade design and manufacture which has joined GE Renewable Energy, continues to work for a cleaner world. LM Wind Power has decided to invest $30 million by the end of 2019 to expand their Bergama facility and they will employ 300 more people in addition to their 450 employees. The construction to expand the facility began at the end of last April.

The Bergama Facility that opened in July 2017, is LM Wind Power’s 15 facility globally and the first new blade manufacturing facility launched after joining GE Renewable Energy.

With more than 30 years of experience and about 14.000 worldwide, the company prioritizes blade design as much as the manufacturing process. Today, one out of every five wind turbines in the world is made by LM Wind Power.

İzmir Development Agency stands with LM Wind Power

The factory directors informed the İzmir Development Agency Investment Support Office Experts about the additional investment and the employment to be created during their visit to the Bergama facility.

The factory Director Ozan Mamay stated “We are proud to be a part of social and economic development of the city and we are pleased to be creating more job opportunities in the region this year.

İzmir Development Agency Secretary-General Dr. Mehmet Yavuz said that the Investment Support Office operating within the Agency prioritized the “Renewable Energy” sector in 2014 and added, “İzmir carries out about 20% of the production in this field alone as the capital of the wind energy sector in Turkey. The total installed capacity of hundreds of wind turbines established in İzmir has exceeded 300 MW and the total wind investment in the city has reached around $2 billion. Also, İzmir has become a well-known city on the European scale in wind equipment production. It is very pleasing for us that LM Wind Power, which is a part of this success, has decided to expand in İzmir. Their additional investment is very valuable both for the development of the regional economy and the labor force it will create. We are here to help them with all kinds of permit and license processes to accelerate their work.”