İzmir Hosts “Next Game Startup”, Turkey’s Top Gaming Entrepreneurship Event ​

İzmir Hosts “Next Game Startup”, Turkey’s Top Gaming Entrepreneurship Event ​

The software industry is developing in İzmir with new investments. In the same period, İzmir hosts a very important gaming event in Turkey where the gaming industry is growing everday. A gaming entrepreneurship competition “Next Game Startup”, aiming to support young entrepreneurs and pave the way for new ideas that will potentially end up worth millions of dollars, will be held in İzmir as a part of Intel ESL Gaming Fest 2020.​

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality as the host will be cooperating with Intel, İzfaş (İzmir Fair Services Cultural and Art Affairs Trade Inc.) and ESL for the event. Speaking about the event, The Mayor of İzmir Tunç Soyer points out that the gaming industry rising recently on a global scale and continues: ‘İzmir based gaming entrepreneurs can lift Turkey on a global scale. İzmir will become the heart of the gaming industry. Mahmut Özgener, President of the Executive Board of İzmir Chamber of Commerce, states that they are willing to make İzmir the premium city of entrepreneurship and innovation and also gaming is one of the industries they will focus on and support. Maurits Tichelman, Vice President in the Sales and Marketing Group and General Manager of the Global Markets and Partners EMEA Territory at Intel, says that during the pandemic more people got interested in gaming resulting in the growth of the industry more. Tichelman also states that they will uplift the industry with new entrepreneurs focusing on İzmir.    ​

The software industry is also specified as one of the prioritized industries of İzmir Development Agency in its strategic plan to attract investors. Especially, the diversified and comfortable city life of İzmir, which is also requested by software industry workers, is an important advantage that distinguishes it from many cities.   ​

Details of the competition, which aims to draw the attention of entrepreneurs and investors to the game industry and İzmir, will be available on the www.nextingame.com website.​

Source: https://www.izmir.bel.tr/tr/Haberler/oyun-sektorunun-kalbi-izmir-de-atacak/43749/156