İzmir Company LMC Makina Integrated into Offshore Wind Energy Value Chain

İzmir Company LMC Makina Integrated into Offshore Wind Energy Value Chain

While it is expected that offshore wind power will expand impressively over the next two decades, boosting efforts to decarbonize energy systems and reduce air pollution as it becomes a growing part of the electricity supply; İzmir companies have also been integrating into the value chain of this sector. LMC Makina produced special pipe clamps for the Formosa 2 Project which is one of the biggest offshore wind farms in Taiwan. More companies from İzmir are expected to produce equipment for offshore wind in the next period.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), offshore wind is a rapidly maturing renewable energy technology that is poised to play an important role in future energy systems. Grid-connected offshore wind capacity additions reached 5.9 GW in 2019, 40% higher than in 2018. China is strengthening its position as a leader in offshore capacity additions with 2.3 GW of new installations in 2019, followed by the United Kingdom (1.6 GW) and Germany (1.1 GW). In 2018, offshore wind provided a tiny fraction of the global electricity supply, but it is set to expand strongly in the coming decades into a USD 1 trillion business.

LMC Makina is one of the biggest pipe clamp manufacturers in Europe with its own molding facilities and flexible and fast production capabilities enough to supply customers with tailor-made products. The company has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality and cost-effective hydraulic and pneumatic components. LMC Makina has also a branch in the Netherlands as LMC Europe BV. LMC products are currently in use in 45 different countries all over the World.

In previous months, LMC became a supplier to one of the biggest wind farm projects in Taiwan called Formosa 2 Wind Energy Project. Once Formosa 2 has been completed, it will provide 376MW of green electricity to supply power to approximately 380,000 households. LMC Makina Officials states that they are honored to be a part of the Formosa 2 project, and also very happy about the development of the wind energy sector in İzmir where provides logistics and production advantages to the companies.


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