Tesco Kipa

Called Tesco PLC abroad, Tesco Kipa A.Ş., is a UK based company which operates in 13 countries globally.


Tesco-Kipa is one of the leading retailers in Turkey with a total of 115 stores, including 72 express and 43 hypermarkets, 230.000 meter squares of net sales area and about 7.500 employees.


Founded in 1992 as an enterprise of 100 partners, the first store of Kipa was opened in 1994 in Bornova. The enterprise which became the star of the Aegean Region in a short amount of time partnered with one of the leading retail chains, Tesco, in 2003 and began to spread rapidly in Turkey.


Tesco is the leading retailer of UK. with 4331 stores worldwide and more than 470 thousand employees, it is also one of the world’s top 3 retailers. Outside the UK, Tesco operates in 13 different countries: US, China, Asia, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, India, Ireland, Europe, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Turkey. There are about 8000 employees of Tesco Kipa in Turkey.



Tesco Kipa A.Ş.Tesco Kipa Genel Merkezi Yeni Havaalanı Cad. No: 40 Çiğli – İzmir



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