The British automotive equipment producer Delphi has been operating in Turkey since 1989 along with serving vehicle producers in Turkey, Delphi is situated on an ideal location for supplying its customers in Europe, Middle East and Asia. An important part of the quality products of Turkey are exported to the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. The Delphi Automotive Systems Inc. operating in the Aegean Free Zone has launched the fifth technical center in Europe.


The company develops diesel fuel injection equipment for light and medium commercial vehicles with the R&D activities they carry out in İzmir. They plan to expand both their capacity and engineering content in the scope of a large investment and employment plan to be implemented in 2016 in the areas of automotive electronics and systems engineering.


The fact that engineering costs are very high in Europe has made İzmir a R&D and product development since it is both economic and has a very high quality of engineering staff. It is eager to bring İzmir more business both in the fields of production and engineering, using the cost and efficiency benefits.


“We have a total of 100 engineers working in our R&D department in fields such as machinery, electronics, equipment and aviation. They are specialized in mechanical, hydraulic, test and automation systems with the purpose of developing and industrializing products which work under high pressure and rough environmental conditions. We develop innovative and high value-added products. We have products that are made completely by engineers from İzmir. We have made a deal with Audi with our most recent product. We have several products like this.”

Delphi Factory Manager


“The purpose of establishing this factory is the advantages the city provides. This place came into operation with the transfer of some products in France. We have 100 people in our R&D department. 65 of them are engineers. Of these, 25% are Engineer, MSc. We are going to increase the number of our engineers up to 200 in the next couple of years. In addition, we will work in the field of software. We are hiring 16 engineering to achieve this.

Delphi Technical Center Manager



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