Izmir Italian Chamber of Commerce

Izmir Italian Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1994 and was officially recognized by the Italian Government in 1997.  It is enrolled in the ‘Community of Italian Chamber of Commerce’ and is one of 80 Italian Chambers of Commerce taking place in 50 different countries.  It carries on its activities depending upon the International Italian Commerce Ministry.


The aim of Izmir Italian Chamber of Commerce is to encourage commercial and economic relations between Turkey and Italy and to organize activities in fostering mutual investments between Turkey and Italy.  In this regard, it organizes activities and offers services both to member organizations and non-member organizations with the goal of achieving perfection.  Since 2003, it possesses ISO 9001-2008 ‘Quality Certificate’.


Izmir Italian Chamber of Commerce considers mostly the needs of the small and medium size enterprises, understands the demands of enterprises in the best way and tries to help them in an effective way. Equally important, Izmir Italian Chamber of Commerce benefits from its advantage of being diffused to the whole world with its strong network.  In this aspect, it organizes different activities together with other Italian Chambers of Commerce.



  1. Briefing over general or sectoral data in Turkey/Italy
  2. Briefing over fairs in Turkey/Italy
  3. Counseling services on starting business in Turkey/Italy
  4. Organization of bilateral meetings
  5. Organization of Italian delegation to fairs in Turkey/Italy


Key Sectors

  1. Machine Industry
  2. Food
  3. Agriculture and Energy


Success Stories

  1. Indesit
  2. Ferrero
  3. Luxottica


Spoken Language

Turkish, Italian



Izmir Italian Chamber Of Commerce

Cumhuriyet Bulvarı Mayıs Is Merkezi No:123 Kat:5/54 Alsancak Izmir

+90 232 464 77 47